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Science fiction authors are always being asked where they get their crazy ideas. The answer -- no, it's not the Idea of the Month Club in Passaic, New Jersey -- is that ideas are all around us all the time. Most SF writers don't have a problem with coming up with ideas; the problem is to exclude those ideas that don't have a place in the current book. Most often, coming up with new ideas in science fiction involves nothing more than looking at old ideas in a slightly different way.

Hard SF writers are always working at the nuts and bolts of modern-day problems and asking questions. How can we feed the hungry? How can we keep from annihilating ourselves? Is war a natural state for humankind? Can we improve ourselves? If we do, what will we become?

I use art and photography a lot to help form the ideas in my books and give them shape. The following links will take you to some -- um -- unusual photographs and some random thoughts associated with each.  Just remember ... the camera doesn't lie.  (Photoshop(TM) lies!)

Alien landscapes
The planet Storm
Aliens from my books
Meet my daughter
O'Neill Colony: A real high-rise
Wanna see a cool cave?
Stargazing with friends

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