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Bill Keith spent the best years of his childhood in the wooded mountains of western Pennsylvania.  He joined the Navy and served as a hospital corpsman during the Vietnam era, then worked in the civilian medical field.  Though he started his creative career as an illustrator, Bill is now primarily a writer, with (currently) seventy-eight novels, ten non-fiction books, and twenty short stories published, and more on the way, ranging from science fiction to action-adventure to military technothrillers. His first love is science fiction, however, especially military SF with a realistic, hard-science edge.

In years past, before he found out he could make more money writing about spaceships than painting them, Bill worked both as an illustrator and a game designer; he has forty games and game modules to his professional credit. His SF artwork has won fan and best-of-show awards at various SF conventions and shows, including Chicago's WindyCon and Pittsburgh's Confluence. His WWII role-playing game Behind Enemy Lines won the 1982 H.G. Wells Award for Best Role-Playing Game, and his Going Home module for Twilight: 2000 was an Origins Award Winner as one of the Best Games of the Year in 1986. He still does artwork occasionally, and his paintings are have been on display each summer at Confluence, Pittsburgh's SF con. Bill has applied his illustration experience to create computer-manipulated photographic images, venturing into a brand-new field of artistic exploration. He uses this chiefly to provide publishers with photorealist sketches of the aliens, ships, and equipment that appear in his novels. Have a look at the artwork pages to see some of these photos.

Since 1984, Bill has been writing full-time. In the years since, Bill has turned out an unreasonable number of books in a psychotic effort to catch up with the late Isaac Asimov. His military fiction is written under a number of pen names, including Keith Douglass and H. Jay Riker. Most of his SF has been written under his own name, but the military-SF Galactic Marines series (the Heritage trilogy, the Legacy trilogy, and the Inheritance trilogy), the Star Carrier trilogy, and the upcoming Star Corpsman series, appear on the shelves under the pseudonym Ian Douglas.

The work continues, with some exciting new books and series coming up. Bill has recently branched out into non-fiction work, ghostwriting, and co-authoring with some of the brighter lights in the SF and military/thriller worlds.  Have a look at the New Works page to see what he's working on now and what his deadline is, and when they're going to be on the shelves. There's also a new Full Bibliography page.

When he's not writing -- a strange, twilight dimension of unreality dimly experienced from time to time between novels -- Bill Keith can be found hiking in his beloved mountains, participating in the local chapter of Mensa, and murdering defenseless paper targets with weapons of various calibers. He's also appeared as a guest lecturer at various nearby colleges and at Mensa events, speaking on topics ranging from writing genre fiction to future spacecraft propulsion systems to the future of Humankind in space. He practices and teaches Reiki, researches metaphysical phenomena in hopes of another non-fiction book contract, and can often be found soaking in a hot tub, in the words of the late Frank Zappa, "pondering eternity, and fractional divisions thereof."  He lives in a small town in the Laurel Mountains with three cats, a bearded dragon, a human partner named Brea, and various aquatic critters and plants.

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