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I am an SF and military writer with a total -- so far -- of 149 published titles: 40 games and game modules, 20 short stories, 11 non-fiction books, and 78 novels.  If you had one copy of each edition, you'd have over 50,000 pages' worth, and you'd need about 25 linear feet of bookshelves to house them all.  If you'd bought them all at list price you'd have spent almost fourteen hundred dollars by now. 

I've been writing for 25 years.  My works have won three awards at Origins.  The New York Public Library selected one of my books for their recommended reading list for teen readers; another book was a Newbery Award nominee.  One of my non-fiction works is being used as a textbook.  I've been on the New York Times Bestseller List three times: twice while co-authoring with Stephen Coonts, and once entirely on my own merits. 

Two more novels are currently scheduled for release, early this fall and early next spring; then we're starting a whole new series (see New Works).  And there are still more ideas percolating around that will become books in due time. 

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